Don’t tell me

Dont tell me I’m wrong to feel
Instead help me heal
And if you can’t
And keep me breaking
Watch me leave
And keep shining
And when I leave
My footprint at your door
Never to return

Even when you yearn

For me once more

For I wont ever look back

As I nurse my hearts healing cracks

And as it becomes whole

I’ll grow from my wounds

I’ll be better than I’ve been before

When someone breaks you

And exposes your vulnerability

Learn to use those wounds

To color your success story

Leave them behind you

And watch and wait

As time passes bye

You’ll cross the gate

And reach the place

So high you can’t be touched

Or ever broken

And then you’ll know

That those little wounds

Were little stepping stones

Not to break you

But to make the better you

That was hidden behind

The comfort of a perfect timeline

Remember when your road goes jagged

And your path doesn’t make sense

You seem to be moving in circles

But you’re climbing mountains

So when your hurt

By words and actions

Learn to let go

And climb your mountains




Dreams are for those
who run wild in the sea
The waves lapping on their toes
Dreams are for those
Running in ecstacy
Breeding wild thoughts
and banishing woes
Those in the dark
Seeking the stars up above
Those hurting and lost
Seeking infinite loveThose who wake in the morn
And wish to catch the dusk and dawn
Those who enjoy the little things
In simplicity
Dreams are for them
Whose simple wishes
Whose dreams are like the sparkle of the stars in the twilight
For those are dreams fulfilled

Love you

Do me a favour.
Grab a piece of paper
and start preparing
a list of EVERYTHING
that you love.
No need to rush,
take all the time you need.
Whether its long or short doesn’t matter,
so long as it’s complete.

You’re done?
Are you sure?
Aren’t you forgetting anything?

Why aren’t YOU on that list?

At the end of the day
you are the person that you spend
the most time with.
Since you’re gonna be stuck with yourself
your whole life, don’t waste it hating yourself.

Your eyes your hair
Your nose and lips
Right down to everything that you wear
Your hands and feet
And the rest of that
Beautiful body
Why don’t you realize
That they are all just as
You were supposed to be?
So why don’t you stop believing in what
The world tells you
And realise that you are perfect too?
Everything you do your joys and sorrows
Your bad decisions and good
They all make you the perfect being you are?
Every event good and bad
That has happened in your life
You will realise that later
They will either be good memories
Or lessons that help you survive
So when you take that paper and write
Be sure to mention your name right on top
In gold and bold among the things that you like.

This is my collaboration with @nicole_for_a_thought aka Nicole Azvedo

//teach her to love herself//

When your daughter is born
Teach her to smile
Through every situation
Tell her that she can
Tell her to dream
That no dream is impossible
Above all teach her confidence
To believe in her abilities
In every step she takes
And tell her not to lean
On the shoulders of any man
For there’s no limit to what she can
And as the years go by
Tell her she’s beautiful
Body mind and soul
Tell her she’s a queen who can rule
Whatever she sets her mind to
Tell her that there will always
Be someone who will love her
For her qualities true
Even if the world pushes her down
They’ll always be people to push her back
So she soars high
Achieving her every dream
Give her good values
Tell her to keep them secure
They will hold her keys

To a bright destiny for sure

So when your daughter is born
Will you welcome her with a smile
And teach her to rule the world
One day at a time?

Worth it

You go through life like a sailor
on a ship expecting
a smooth sail
but always seem to encounter
storms on the way.
The beginning is enthusiastic and then you realise you’re sea sick
and you want to go home.
But you can’t.
You’ve set sail on this journey long ago and are now placed in the middle of the sea
in the middle of nowhere
Wondering which way to go
No compass to guide you
Just a heart mind and soul
And the water all around you
The view is beautiful
But only for those who let go
And are willing to encounter storms too
To others you have to justify
List pros and cons
Of moments immeasurable
Something only experience
Can properly describe.
You lose and gain
along the way
You doubt and rise
With the waves
You wonder
Am I right or wrong
Have I committed a blunder
Will I see land if I go along?
yet at the end remember
You’ll be thankful
For this journey
For its given you a gift
That no many can buy
And only time can give
So whilst your sorting
Right from wrong
Coal from diamond
Remember every moment
Good and bad
Will lead you closer
Like each wave
Leads you closer
To the place
Of your destiny
And trust me
That will be worth it

@ mcdcreates

Letter of love to YouTube

Our relationship has been one of both- happiness and tears.It has been a wonderful journey that has gone for so long and that I realised I haven’t taken the time to thank you for it. For the past few years, you have been my daily dose of laughter, my source of inspiration, my constant companion and my source of help in need. In every situation I’ve looked up to you for a solution and you have never failed me. Infact, you’ve been way better than I expected; providing me not just one but several solutions to each of my problems.
You always have something to contribute to both my sunny as well as cloudy days. Through all my hopeless moments, you’ve given my every cloud its silver lining. I recall the ghastly days when the electricity would go off and my desktop would be down and you would be nowhere to be seen. My heart would sink and the tears would overflow.
But thanks to the scientific development of the inverter, and later, all the telecommunication companies with their internet packs at amazing rates; we’ve become closer than ever. Infact, we’re almost inseparable 🙂
You’ve been there always- my ray of sunshine when I needed help with my prosthodontics homework, as well as orthodontics wire bending and I cannot thank you enough for clearing my doubts during those dark nights before my final exams last year. You truly are (albeit without a cape) my superhero.
In moments when I had a lot to do and not a lot of time, when stress levels were high and emotions running haywire, you were always there playing me music that would calm my soul and let me breathe. When distractions were many, and I was demotivated you had words of inspiration to my ears that I may jump start running after my goals again. You brought me closer to the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama and others by simply holding my hand and leading me through their lives, all the while telling me how they became so extraordinary and giving me tips to emulate them as well.
You are a man (or woman) of all seasons. You have taken me on several journeys back to my childhood giving me a whiff of those carefree times whilst walking down memory lane.
From teaching me to play music or to sing or cracking me up with standup comedy, you have been there through it all and I can’t thank you enough for it. I feel incredibly lucky to have you around. you have no idea how grateful I am to know you.
All I can hope for in the years to come is that you will continue being by my side as perfect as you are; playing your very active part in making me who I am.
My incredible love for you truly seems to grow deeper with each passing day, in ways previously unimaginable. I cannot express all right now, but I just want to let you know how much you mean to me and have always meant to me ever since you’ve arrived before me draped in your wonderful red and white suit looking so incredibly like Santa Claus but instead of giving gifts and sweets you provided with love, companionship, entertainment and knowledge and incredible package all in one.

Thank you, YouTube
Yours forever,

I promise Life Will Be beautiful if you choose it and not let it choose for you.

Elders will tell you don’t trust anyone. I disagree. The joys of trusting oversweep the heartbreaks of losing that trust from the expected people. After living the first half of my twenty beautiful years in a paradise on clouds where I thought everything was perfect; i woke up one morning post returning from a tour to realise. No. You cannot trust anyone. Atleast not blindly.

I’ve found all the wrong people in the right places. And nothing has ever fallen in place like I’d planned cause God’s plans zigzagged over my own; forming the real picture; bigger better and more beautiful than before because.. I’ve found all the right people in all the places except the places i looked for them. Makes sense?

No. Let me explain.

I’ve found love encouragement warmth and belonging in teachers school friends and college mates and colleagues. I’ve found what I was yearning for just never in the places I’ve looked for them. I’ve found companionship and understanding amongst them. In them I’ve found walls of a fortress that can’t be broken and I can’t be cheated on the quality of bricks because I’ve chosen them.

They say don’t look for a lost coin under a lamp if you’ve lost it somewhere else. Wrong. When in comes to human beings don’t look at what seems to be a bright light; don’t follow it.. It might just be the headlights of a car about to smash your life to smithereens.

Instead leave the path that others hope you will follow and create your own sunshine. As my friend Nupur Tar would say “you got to be your own sunshine. Everything you’ve wished for will be yours when the time is right”

So why be bitter when you can be beautiful? Why seek revenge when you can seek life? Why chase others when you can chase your purpose?

I ask you. Be the best you you can be. Work DAMN hard to be that person. YOU. No matter who that person is she/he will be beautiful as long as she/he is you ; driven purposeful and happy. Yes; successful too.

Choose the people you wish to walk with you. Don’t let life do it ..the people life chooses might just be the ones to send you down a ditch. So choose; take risks trust and love and when things go wrong say a prayer and let go.

I promise life will be beautiful.